Patty Jenkins officially signs on to direct Wonder Woman 2

Wonder Woman Justice League

And with Wonder Woman's pivotal role in Warner Bros.' new mantra of optimistic and "fun" superhero movies, why wouldn't Jenkins be at the helm of this new direction?

She will not only be directing the sequel either, but will have full control as producer as well, something that's not so unusual for successful male directors, but is far harder to lasso in for female ones.

Patty Jenkins is officially back on board to direct "Wonder Woman 2" for Warner Bros... Gadot has also been tapped to return for the sequel. The sequel will arrive n December 13, 2019. That would seemingly kill any possibility of her taking over on Star Wars 9 as well, which is a shame but a definite boost for the DCEU sequel. (The film has a 2019 release date.) Jenkins' return, however, remained unclear as it was reported the director was seeking a pay raise, which she undoubtedly deserved given the film's massive success.

"Wonder Woman", the fourth film in Warner Bros' current iteration of DC Comics' cinematic franchise, helped boost profits for Warner Bros' parent company Time Warner Inc. Furthermore, Variety says she will also receive revenue from the film's earning at the box office. But with global earnings of $813 million, the two have become hot property in Hollywood. The filmmaker was holding all the cards as she was the one to bring WB their first DCEU hit, both commercially and critically, with this year's Wonder Woman.

Actress Gal Gadot attends the premiere of "Wonder Woman" at the Pantages Theatre on May 25, 2017 in Hollywood, California.

Jenkins is also in the middle of developing a TNT TV series with Wonder Woman's Chris Pine, inspired by the autobiography of Fauna Hodel. She originally wanted an amount similar to what Zack Snyder got after he directed Man of Steel.

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