Nintendo Bringing Back NES Classic Edition, Ramping Up SNES Classic Supply

Mini replica of Nintendo's classic NES console going on sale in November 2016

Not only are more units of the Super NES Classic Edition getting shipped through 2018, but more units will ship on launch day September 29 in the USA than were previously shipped compared to the NES Classic Edition all past year.

There it is in writing, folks.

The Super NES Classic Edition - which is small enough to fit in your hand - is slated to hit shelves later this month and already appears to be one of the season's hottest products. Yes, because it's a wildly popular item, but Nintendo doesn't seem to think that you'll have any issues finding one eventually.

The Nintendo SNES Classic with 21 Super Nintendo games will go on sale September 29 for $79.99. New units of the NES Classic-the first Nintendo gaming system to be released in the USA back in 1985-won't be available until summer of 2018 at Best Buy, GameStop and a number of other retailers.

In addition to the NES Mini having more stock manufactured, Nintendo will also continue to ship units of the SNES Mini into 2018.

In April, Nintendo said the NES Classic Edition "wasn't meant to be an ongoing, long-term product". Then after the cancellation of the NES Classic, prices skyrocketed even further.

Nintendo said Tuesday consumers can expect more shipments of their highly-anticipated mini version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) to ship into 2018.

That did happen for a time, but Nintendo bizarrely chose to discontinue the NES Classic in April 2017.

Sites like are allowing you to sign-up for email notifications when more units arrive, so that's probably your best best to pick one up online before the holiday rush.

Those who missed the opportunity to pre-order the NES Classic previous year or the to-be-released Super Nintendo Classic will now potentially be able to pick one up when each console launches. However, the company didn't give out any specifics regarding an exact release date.

The NES Classic Edition first launched back in November 2016.

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