Missing Black Chicago Woman Found Dead In Hotel Freezer

Kenneka martin found dead

The police told Martin that Jenkins was inebriated and she let herself into the walk-in freezer which turned into the biggest tragedy of her life as the incident took her life and left tears in family members' eyes.

"The hotel staff will continue to operate fully with local authorities".

It remains unclear how Jenkins died. An autopsy was scheduled for Sunday.

"Everyone that was in that room should march down to the police department".

While searching the hotel, staff found Jenkins in a freezer at around 12:24 a.m. Sunday.

Rosemont Police say they are interviewing everyone who had content with Jenkins that night. After the hotel called the police on Jenkins' family, a sympathetic officer agreed to review the video footage. Authorities have indicated the video is a key piece of evidence, telling the Tribune that they have identified most people captured in it.

An investigation into Jenkin's death is ongoing. She was attending a party Friday night on the ninth floor of the hotel. But the friends apparently had Jenkins' phone on them, and also left in the vehicle that Martin had leant Kenneka to use for the night. Activist Andrew Holmes, who is working with the family, said the hotel should meet with the family and show them any video they may have of her going into the freezer. But Martin is tired of that account, saying their "stories changed over and over". Her mother went to the hotel and asked the staff to check surveillance video in hopes of finding any trace of her daughter.

Kenneka Martin

"Anyone can understand how a parent can feel distraught over the loss of a child and feel the need to lash out due to the tremendous pain they're feeling, and we certainly understand that", Gary Mack, a spokesman for the village of Rosemont, reportedly told the Chicago Tribune.

Martins proceeded to the hotel to look for her daughter while Jenkins' older sister, Leonore Harris, filed a missing person's report at the Rosemont Police Department.

The Crowne Plaza's general manager did not immediately return a message from The Post.

Harris filed a missing person report with the Rosemont Police Saturday afternoon.

If police started to look for her daughter when she first went missing, she might still be alive.

He said police also were not disclosing whether there were any signs of trauma to Jenkins' body.

However, she said she wasn't satisfied with their version of events, because of safety features that make it possible to open coolers from the inside. How did she die? She claimed that Jenkins would not have been able to open the heavy freezer door on her own and that she would have been able to realize that she was not in an elevator.

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