Mexico cancels Texas aid as it battles devastating losses

Mexico Tropical Weather

The quake added to the impact of Hurricane Katia.

Over 2.5-million people are in need of aid following the massive quake which measured 8.1 off Mexico's Southern coast.

"Given these circumstance, the Mexican government will channel all available logistical support to serve the families and communities affected in the national territory", the foreign ministry statement said. With the country of Mexico now dealing with its own natural disasters, their government has rescinded offers to help in Texas.

The country said it would focus exclusively on helping "families and communities affected" in Mexico, and has not requested worldwide assistance to deal with the twin crises. A White House press aide said that President Trump had talked to the leaders of Canada and Mexico after Harvey, but that they hadn't discussed specific opportunities for help.

"This decision is due to the fact that conditions in both countries have changed and that Texas' need for assistance has fortunately diminished", according to a release from Mexican officials.

The Mexican government had sent boats and vehicles to help Texas respond to Hurricane Harvey, officials said.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke with Mexican Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray on Monday night and offered condolences for the tragedies.

Videgaray had originally called Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on August 27 to detail aid Mexico was sending to the Harvey's catastrophic aftermath, Mexico's Foreign Ministry had said. But it wasn't until September 6 that Texas and USA officials gave a response to Mexico, including a letter from Texas officials saying that only logistical support was needed. "It was very generous of Mexico to offer their help at a very, very challenging time for our citizens back in Texas", he said. And it expressed "full solidarity" with the victims of Hurricane Irma.

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