Liam Gallagher slams emotional Noel

Crying his heart out! But Liam Gallagher labels Noel’s tears a ‘PR stunt

Now, with Noel appearing at the venue to perform "Don't Look Back In Anger" - which became an anthem of hope in the weeks and months after the attack - Liam has lashed out once again, SPIN reports, deeming his brother's emotional performance a "stunt".

Noel Gallagher wipes away tears during Saturday night's "We Are Manchester" benefit show. What A Life among others.

Singers, comedians and poets from around the world took to the stage for the We Are Manchester benefit concert, which was held to raise money for those affected by the attack.

Stop crying your heart out, Noel Gallagher.

Liam Gallagher slams emotional Noel

Last night's We Are Manchester concert marked the reopening of the Manchester Arena, which had been closed since a terror attack at an Ariana Grande show in May. "Every time you sing, we win", he said.

A reported 14,000 strong crowd attended the concert which also features Blossoms, Rick Astley and The Courteeners on the bill. "So let's all sing like you've never sang before".

Liam - whose legendary insults know no bounds - insisted that he wasn't buying his brother's (potentially) crocodile tears, and dismissed them as nothing but a PR stunt.

The final song of the night was "Don't Look Back in Anger", and ahead of the song Gallagher told the crowd: "So for any of you that doubt it - and some people doubt that Manchester is the greatest city in England..." All proceeds from the event go towards the Manchester Memorial Fund.

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