Lady Gaga announces she will take a break in her career

Lady Gaga announces she will take a break in her career

Gaga, 31, had surgery on a broken hip in 2013 and now suffers from muscle spasms that cause pain on her entire right side, People reported.

The singer premiered Gaga: Five Foot Two at the Toronto International Film Festival on Friday (08Sep17), when she also performed, just days after having to cancel a concert in Montreal, Canada due to illness. But in her new documentary, the singer finally reveals the reason her and Kinney split, and it's heartbreaking. "I am praying that more and more people come forward and we can all share what helps/hurts so we can help each other", Gaga tweeted.

The "Poker Face" hitmaker always questions her loved ones about her songs and performances and is always happy to listen to what they have to say.

Do you relate to Gaga's outlook on relationships? Please root us on.

Lady Gaga at Super Bowl LI.

Fans were devastated when Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney broke up in July 2016. "I think the most important thing you can be is authentic". "It's like a guy passing me a note through his friend".

Getting up close and personal about such a sensitive topic proved to be hard for director Chris Moukarbel as well, who had to practically stay invisible while capturing such intimate moments. Another scene shows her goddaughter's baptism and her trip to Walmart to purchase her own CDs.

Speaking with Live Nation execs about potential for a project, the director was linked up with Gaga's manager, who felt he and the pop superstar would be a good fit with one another and sent him over to her house to roll cameras.

The documentary will debut on Netflix on September 22.

A hush falls over the room where Lady Gaga and filmmaker Chris Moukarbel are talking to the press about their upcoming documentary, Five Foot Two, focused on the singer's life. Pictured: Gaga performs inside the Reynolds Coliseum on the campus of North Carolina State University for the final campaign stop of the Clinton campaign before election day, in Raleigh, North Carolina, on November 7, 2016.

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