Korea warns U.S. of 'greatest pain'

Korea warns U.S. of 'greatest pain'

"So they will help starve the North Korean regime of the money that it's been using from overseas to continue its nuclear programme".

It also repeated its call for a "peaceful resolution" instead of a military response, adding: "China will never allow the peninsula to descend into war and chaos". "The choice is theirs".

In particular, Washington abandoned the idea of cutting off oil supplies to North Korea and putting severe restrictions on the hiring of North Korean laborers, as well as imposing sanctions on North Koran leader Kim Jong-un.

The country will only be able to import two million barrels of refined petroleum products each year and crude oil exports will be capped at current levels.

According to the USA delegation to the United Nations, the ban on textile exports would restrict North Korean export revenues by $1.3 billion annually, adding to the estimated $1 billion in annual costs to the North Korean economy per resolution 2371.

North Korea is already under United Nations sanctions in an effort to force Kim Jong-un to stop the development of nuclear weapons. The U.S. proposal would authorize any United Nations member state to stop these vessels on the high seas without their consent and use "all necessary measures" - which in United Nations language includes force - to carry out an inspection and direct the vessel to a port.

The United States called for a vote Monday on new U.N. sanctions against North Korea, though exactly what measures would be in the resolution remained a mystery.

A statement from North Korea's foreign ministry published on the state-controlled KCNA news agency threatened the US should the sanctions be approved.

"We must stop its march towards a nuclear arsenal with the ability to deliver it anywhere in the world", she said of North Korea.

THE United Nations Security Council voted unanimously to step up sanctions against North Korea on Monday - a move that comes a week after the country's sixth and most powerful nuclear test. Measures include a ban on textile exports and capping imports of crude oil.

Chinese ambassador to the UN Liu Jieyi implored Pyongyang to "take seriously the expectations and will of the global community" to halt its nuclear and ballistic missile deployment, and asked that all sides remain "cool-headed" by avoiding an increase in rhetoric that could heighten tensions. In order for the U.N.to pass additional sanctions against North Korea, the United States needs China-Pyongyang's main trading partner and ally-to be on board. Most of the guest workers have been employed in China and Russian Federation.

"But to achieve such a solution, the pressure on North Korea must be increased".

The measures restrict oil imports and ban textile exports.

Washington has dangled the prospect of military action in the North, and threatened to cut economic ties with countries that continue to trade with the it - around 90% of the North's external commerce is with China.

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