FPL Making Progress In Powering Up Miami-Dade & Broward

FPL Making Progress In Powering Up Miami-Dade & Broward

Utility officials say they have almost 20,000 workers helping with the restoration effort.

In response, more than 50,000 workers from the USA and Canada have assembled at staging areas across the affected states, EEI wrote.

Possible exceptions include areas hit by tornadoes or those badly damaged.

We don't have estimated restoration times at this moment. In some coastal counties the outage rates are as high as 97 percent.

After Hurricane Irma passed through Florida, 4.4 million FPL customers were without power. That's about 1.5 million homes and businesses without power, more than half of the homes in the tri-county area. Power had been restored to 115,380 customers.

The total number of FPL customers in Bradford County who lost power during the storm was over 4,000, but as of Tuesday morning, 1,280 customers have been restored.

Southern Company subsidiary Georgia Power had more than 410,000 customers without power as of Monday morning. "But you've traded that risk off for outages due to storm surge or to flooding". "We have thousands of men and women that are already out on the field and they are restoring power", said Silagy. The utility has about 3,400 employees working on restoring the outages.

"We've never had that many outages, and I don't think any utility in the country ever has", FPL Chief Executive Eric Silagy said at a news conference on Monday.

Assistance from across the United States and Canada, including company resources from the Midwest, are assisting with restoration efforts.

"We're experiencing widespread outages and there is no need to report your outage at this time", an FPL alert message reads.

Flooded streets and ripped roofs can be seen above the Holiday Manor neighborhood in East Naples following Hurricane Irma.

"We have the strongest, most highly engineered, smartest grid in the USA but there is no way to engineer against a storm of this kind of magnitude", he said. The plant's other reactor, Unit 2, continued to operate at full power. Next come "critical facilities such as hospitals, police and fire stations, communication facilities, water treatment plants and transportation providers". In Broward County, electricity has been restored to 168,000 customers, but another 630,000 are still in the dark, Contesse said.

FPL said its two nuclear plants in Florida were safe.

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