Ex-Georgian president forces way into Ukraine

Saakashvili may eat another tie this time for Ukraine

A September 11 statement by police in Lviv, where Saakashvili spent the night, said regional police were investigating "events near the [Medyka]-Shehyni checkpoint along the Ukrainian-Polish border".

Saakashvili traveled to Lviv after crossing the border, but his whereabouts today are not clear.

"We had absolutely peaceful intentions".

The politician was surrounded by hundreds of supporters, who forcefully broke through the cordon of border guards and security forces and escorted Saakashvili to the Ukrainian soil.

"Fighting for power, Saakashvili's supporters are destroying the state..."

"They swept us up and carried us into Ukraine", he said. He says all participants of the breakthrough process must appear at police department. The border guards took no measures in response.

"Now this is a matter of law enforcement agencies and they have begun to act", Poroshenko said.

Saakashvili was the third president of Georgia between 2004-2007 and again in 2008-2013.

It was revoked in July by the Ukrainian president, reportedly on the grounds that Saakashvili failed to mention there was a criminal case against him in Georgia. Georgia has provided guarantees that the request is not politically motivated and Saakashvili's rights and freedoms would not be violated, the Ukrainian official added.

Poroshenko cancelled Saakashvili's passport after the two had a major falling out over the ex-Georgian leader's accusations that Kiev was failing to make good on the fight against corruption.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Saakashvili should have contested the decree stripping him of citizenship in court if he disagreed with it.

The State Migration Service has said that Saakashvili had submitted incorrect information when he applied for citizenship in 2015.

"I hope this gentleman [Saakashvili] will strive with the same zeal to get into Georgia as he did to reach Ukraine".

Saakashvili, who became governor of Odessa, Ukraine, under Poroshenko in part due to his performance keeping pro-Russians out of power in Georgia, has become a prominent leader for anti-Russian Ukrainians.

The man without a country also denies charges raised against him in Georgia.

The populist Mr Saakashvili - who ran Georgia for almost a decade after leading its 2003 Rose Revolution, but is on the wanted list of its current authorities - insisted he had "no ambition towards any particular office in Ukraine".

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