Easy Composition of Tweetstorm Possible, Twitter Working on It

Twitter testing feature to let you tweetstorm with ease

Regardless of that, let us know your thoughts about this Tweetstorm feature.

While Twitter may or may not add a native tweetstorm feature in the future, there are already several third-party apps that allow users to compose longer messages and then divide them into several ordered tweets.

Twitter, as you'd expect, is not commenting on the unreleased feature.

Threaded posts, also sometimes referred to as 'Tweetstorms', have become a popular way for users to relay their opinions on any number of topics with more depth (or rambling) than is possible for a single 140-character tweet.

One of Twitter's most defining characteristics is that it limits users to sharing no more than 140 characters at a time. Hopefully, this new feature will begin rolling out sooner rather than later. It allows a long message to be composed before it is automatically split up into tweets and posted all at once on to the service. However, composing multiple tweets, one right after the other, can be time consuming, and they can be easy to mess up.

Twitter is remaining tight-lipped about the feature, saying it has "no comment to share on the record".

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With that in mind, if a tweetstorm tool does appear expect it to be quite limited. As such, you can express all your thoughts and ideas without worrying about crossing the limit.

Do you often find yourself creating a Tweetstorm? Further, making it a regular Twitter feature will ensure the site can well emerge as the go-to site by the celebrities to launch their plans. The company is not testing the Tweetstorm while it now exists within Twitter's product, but the test may be on the way soon. A few years ago, the company internally discussed raising the limit to 10,000 characters, but ultimately made a decision to keep tweets shorter.

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