Could Hurricane Jose be a threat to the USA later in September?

Keeping a Close Eye on Hurricane Jose

Though it's been hours since Irma left the premises, there's already another Category 2 storm out in the Atlantic that's pointing ominously toward Florida.

Jose is now a Category 2 Hurricane with sustained winds of 100 miles per hour. Given the uncertainty of its path, a rep for the National Hurricane Center says "right now there is no concern for any land" so "no one needs to be freaking out about Jose", per the Miami Herald.

Hurricane Jose formed less than a week after Hurricane Irma, and he's possibly headed toward the U.S.

"The hurricane appears to have turned eastward", the National Hurricane Center stated.

Hurricane Jose is located 400 miles north-northeast of Grand Turk Island and is moving to the northeast at 6 mph (9 km/h).

The upside is hurricane season slows down from here until the end of November, so everyone along the coasts should be able to breathe easy again in a few short months.

Hurricane Jose is being forecast to have maximum winds of 120 miles per hour. It's always a bit risky having a hurricane hanging around, and given the propensity for this particular storm to buck forecast trends, Jose is certainly worthy of the attention.

During that time, Jose will be moving generally westward then more northward.

Meteorologist Eleanor Bell, of The Weather Channel, said: "Models are continuing to struggle to resolve the track of this storm".

The Weather Underground said that the weather models forecasts could still have potential errors and people should not panic yet.

A statement released on Monday evening said Jose is expected to continue weakening as it meanders far northeast of the Bahamas for the next couple of days.

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