Apple TV catches up to competitors by adding 4K and HDR

Apple TV catches up to competitors by adding 4K and HDR

With competition already offering a range of 4K enabled products, Apple are playing catch-up by finally introducing Apple TV 4K, complete with the high 3840 × 2160 pixel count and HDR functionality. Today, the company announced a new Apple TV set-top box that's in-line with most previous speculations: it can play 4K and HDR content, thanks to support from a faster processor.

The Apple TV 4K also allows you to consume live media - from live sports to live news. Apple said that 4K movies will soon be available from the iTunes Store for the same price as HD movies, and your existing HD iTunes movies will be upgraded to 4K HDR at no additional charge! A new version of its built-in "TV" app will now showcase live sports, and will highlight certain games based on your team/sport preferences, Cue said. Along with this, even local TV channels from multiple countries will be available for users.

Of course Apple's TV 4K isn't just a straightforward resolution upgrade.

Supporting 4K resolutions along with industry standard HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

The device comes in a 32GB for $179 and 64 GB for $199 - the dimensions of the box and remote is the same, no change was made. This is certainly welcomed news for those deeply tied into Apple's ecosystem, but it's worth noting that owners of other devices like the Google's Chromecast Ultra or Roku Premiere have enjoyed accessing 4k quality content for almost a year already. At the event, Apple also showed a new exclusive game "Sky" that's coming to iOS and Apple TV this winter. The new model supports HDR video, too. The company says that Apple TV 4K features unbelievably sharp, crisp images, richer, more true-to-life colours, and far greater detail in both dark and bright scenes. Since then, the market for Internet-connected set-top boxes has heated up. This delivers two times the performance over the 2015 model and grants four times the GPU performance - at the keynote event, Apple demonstrated how the Apple TV 4K could smoothly run games.

For the geeks, here's news on the new hardware - it uses the Apple A10X Fusion chipset from the outgoing iPad Pros.

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