Antifa Attacks Portland Police With Smoke Bombs and Projectiles

Rally in downtown Portland in August

A man in Washington state was detained after he almost ran over a group of counter-protestors at a far-right rally on Sunday.

The driver of the truck was detained and questioned by Vancouver police, but apparently charges were not pursued.

Group leader Joey Gibson said he and some of his fellow Patriot Prayer members will be there in downtown Portland.

When pressed as to the names of the man or the arresting officers-and the incident's resemblance to the violent attack that claimed the life of 32-year-old Heather Heyer last month-McNicholas said she was aware of the similarities but had no information other than that reports are being finished today and the man could still be charged sometime in the future. Antifa protestors followed the activists, however, and police in Vancouver made two arrests during the resulting confrontation.

Gibson said the move was meant to help split and disorganize antifa, or anti-fascist, protesters, and allow for a smaller, more intimate venue.

The department said on its Twitter feed that two officers had sustained minor injuries.

The Peaceful Vancouver Freedom March, as dubbed by the organizers, largely consisted of speeches from Gibson and others to the amphitheater crowd, which numbered about 100 people. When the rally ended, police had the demonstrators leave eight at a time while shielding them from the counter-protesters.

In Portland, from about 1pm, a token contingent of 10 Patriot Prayer supporters, minus Gibson, paraded inside a barricaded area protected by dozens of riot police.

The Vancouver police said officers are reviewing video and images from the day in an attempt to identify individuals who may have been involved in criminal activity, for possible criminal charges. "I call on everyone who plans on demonstrating here to do so peacefully".

While he drove forward, protesters threw rocks and water bottles at the truck - prompting him to impulsively put his vehicle in reverse and accelerate towards the protesters.

Gibson's rallies consistently draw people from the far right.

Police did not specify whether those arrested in Portland were part of antifa or the Patriot Prayer rally, the Associated Press reported. While he has publicly denounced racism and extremism, the rallies have led to counterprotests and occasional clashes.

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Additional demonstrators gathered for protests at Waterfront Park and officers located and seized multiple weapons (See attachments).

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