11-year-old boy, parents die in volcanic field in Italy

Italy: Family of three die after falling into volcano crater near Naples

Another seven-year-old son did not fall into the hole and was unharmed, national fire brigade spokesman Luca Cari said.

A couple and their 11-year-old son have fallen to their death in a volcanic crater in Italy as their seven-year-old boy stood nearby, it has emerged.

The boy's 45-year-old father attempted to pull him up and was sucked into hot mud, ANSA reported. It's unclear what killed them, but the leading theories are gas fumes or burns. "The local civil protection department said that inside the pit was boiling hot mud".

Police said the boy apparently slipped after he breached a fence surrounding the prohibited area at the Solfatara Crater in Pozzuoli.

It's not known whether the kid lost cognizance as a result of the exhaust or if the sand trap pulled him in. They have determined that the fields rose by about 30 centimeters (12 inches) over a decade.

Emergency crews were said to have arrived within minutes of the tragedy. I continue to think about that family and that poor boy crying and asking for help'.

"I am shocked for what happened inside the Solfatara volcano and feel deep pain over the tragedy involving three tourists, and I express my condolences from the community of Pozzuoli to the victims' family", Pozzuoli mayor Vincenzo Figliolia told La Repubblica.

The Solfatara crater is a dormant volcano which still emits jets of steam filled with sulphurous fumes.

The site was formed around 4,000 years ago and last erupted in 1198 AD.

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