Police shoot dead a tiger spotted on U.S. highway

Henry County police respond to escaped tiger

Media Release On September 6, 2017, at approximately 6 a.m., Henry County 911 received a call of a tiger loose on I-75...

"The officers had to use some force to put the tiger down", Smith added. Police urged residents to stay inside as they attempted to corral the animal safely.

The loose tiger was killed by cops when it was in a resident's backyard mauling her dog.

Concerned that the tiger now posed a threat to others, the officers chose to fatally shoot the animal. The officers made the decision to shoot the animal because they weren't equipped with tranquilizer guns and did not want to risk waiting.

Several people, including a police officer, reported seeing the massive tiger on Interstate 75 in Henry County, FOX5 Atlanta reported.

It is still unclear where the tiger initially came from.

After the tiger jumped on the dog, the officers, who had followed the big cat to the neighborhood, fired shots, Speck said.

The dog, Journey, survived the attack.

"It was like a full-grown zoo tiger", Speck said.

She chose to make her way out of her backyard to check on her dog, Journey, and saw a tiger.

Resident Brittney Speck woke up to police lights and was alarmed by her dog barking, so she chose to look out the window.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources and animal control officials removed the tiger from the scene.

Connie Kidd said she reported to police around 4:40 a.m. that a tiger was walking through her front yard, and a worker at a local Hardee's was told by a man in a parking lot that he had just seen a tiger in their vicinity, the station reported.

Photos show tiger killed in Henry Co. So far, no one has come forward to claim ownership of the animal, so officials have been unable to determine what led to the escape and what laws may have been broken. "Unfortuanately human life became at risk and the tiger was shot by authorities". All of our tigers are accounted for.

Gerri Yoder, Henry County's animal control director said: 'No idea where she (the tiger) belonged.

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