Mishandling Brexit can become a "dangerous game" for Ireland's peace process

Conservative politician who is “quite ashamed to be British” post-Brexit gets Irish passport

With a Dublin-born grandmother, Tannock applied for the passport in the wake of the European Union referendum result and has now revealed to the Irish Times that he has been granted one. If you have a grandparent born in Ireland then you are eligible.

"It is more a statement of my European Union and Irish heritage and loyalty", boasted the 59-year-old in an interview with the Irish Times.

David Davis, the UK Brexit secretary, said a good discussion was held on retaining...

"There is an obligation to achieve more progress to reassure people that it [Brexit] won't have damaging effect on the peace process", Coveney said, admitting that the complete solution and the final, new relationship between the United Kingdom and Ireland will not be known in detail until the future trading relationship is fully negotiated.

A Conservative MEP who describes himself as a "passionate Remainer" has secured an Irish passport following the UK's decision to leave the European Union.

Tannock is an avid pro-European and regularly Tweets off-message tweets about the consequences of Brexit. And there were a pack of lies and false promises made.

Mr Tannock told The Sun today that he is committed to representing Londoners right up until Brexit, rejecting the calls for him to resign.

"I don't feel morally bound by the outcome", he added.

Those are the words of Paul C Dwyer, president of the International Cyber Threat Task Force (ICTTF), who said to the The Irish Times that it is now crucial that both governments sit down, discuss and establish an Anglo-Irish taskforce on cybersecurity and data protection. I have been campaigning ever since day one for the softest Brexit to stay as close as possible.

Former Northern Ireland secretary Lord Hain is set to accuse the government of playing a unsafe game with the peace process over its handling of Brexit and the border. Instead they have decided that Brexit means Brexit, there has to be a total divorce and Europe has to become something quite alien. "I have always said that if that was so, Germany would have left the club decades ago".

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