Apple will no longer host its annual Apple Music Festival

Apple have cancelled the Apple Music festival after 10 years

The Guardian has reported that Apple has called it quits on its yearly London music festival, which has hosted Foo Fighters, Elton John, Alicia Keys and Ed Sheeran amongst many others.

Apple has held its annual Apple Music Festival in the United Kingdom for the last 10 years, the festival was previous known as the iTunes Festival, although Apple changed its name in 2015.

Apple may be dominating the wireless headphone industry but it apparently hasn't found the same level of success in the live music space. It is unclear as to why Apple has chose to put an end to the event as the company did not offer an explanation, but Music Business Worldwide suggests that it could be due to Apple's decision to better manage its resources. It will also support individual shows worldwide in a bid to make stamps on unique one-off events, rather than a whole festival. The site claims that Apple isn't completely shutting down its efforts in hosting its own live music concerts. The company was a partner during Haim and Skepta's shows in London, and Arcade Fire in Brooklyn.

In 2015, organisers scaled back the month-long concerts to just 10 nights. Regional radio stations also gave away free tickets to the festival as well.

The festival first took place in 2007, when it ran over the course of a whole month at London's ICA.

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