Mini John Cooper Works GP Concept revealed

After the Electric Concept Mini presents in Frankfurt a second study of style this time more sporting the John Cooper Works GP Concept

"The MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept is all about the unfettered feeling of driving and levels of performance found in motor sport competition".

And the top-spec John Cooper Works variant pics up wireless phone charging, wireless Apple CarPlay and MINI Find Mate. "What we're looking at here is maximum performance, maximum MINI".

Mini has yet to release any technical details of the auto, meaning this GP Concept is likely to be more of an aesthetic exercise than a preview of what to expect under the clamshell bonnet of any upcoming GP model. It's also likely that some of the Concept's more extreme design elements will be toned down before the next John Cooper Works GP reaches the showroom.

The concept is wider and lower than a standard Mini, with large front and rear spoilers, and carbonfibre liberally applied for weight minimisation.

Made mostly out of carbon fibre to be light and sturdy, the GP Concept has kept the ethos of the classic Mini models at heart by having 50/50 weight distribution and an excellent power-to-weight ratio for that signature go-kart feel. The front end gives the impression this MINI means business with large air intakes and precisely molded air deflectors. Curbside Red Metallic and Highspeed Orange accents explode to life off the Black Jack Anthracite paint, further enhancing sportiness, and a rather un-mini "Mini" on the rear fascia ensures you don't mistake the concept for any other make as it speeds away down-track.

That's not to say that all modern cabin technology is left behind at the starting line, though.

Technical information is as light as its construction, but Mini does reveal that the auto rides on 19-inch lightweight racing wheels and has a touchscreen for making adjustments to the suspension settings on the fly.

The motorsport theme continues at the rear, with aerodynamic refinement implied by free-floating blades on the car's flanks, mirroring those that surround the front wheels.

The bodywork over the rear wheels has been extended with carefully-shaped panels nearly like wings that could potentially help channel air more smoothly down the tail edges of the auto for a reduction in drag. These guards give the little MINI a wide-body effect, like an '80s rally auto, with side intakes like on a supercar. The driver a - paddle "petals" gear shift, fully digital instrument panel and head-up display. A big emergency cut-off button is on the dash and the vehicle uses a start/stop button. As is the way with GP cars, there are no rear seats.

Afraid so - the cockpit is stripped out and is cocooned by a massive full roll cage.

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