Ezekiel Elliott sues the National Football League over alleged mass conspiracy

NFL players' union alleges 'league-orchestrated conspiracy' against Elliott

The NFL Players Association is interested in how the league came to the conclusion that six games was an appropriate punishment and if Goodell's role had any role in determining the discipline, ESPN reported.

According to a report from ESPN's Dan Graziano, Kia Wright Roberts, the NFL's Director of Investigations and the only league official to interview Elliott's accuser Tiffany Thompson, testified that based on her investigation she would not have recommended disciplinary action against Elliott.

Roberts asked Thompson if she ever saw Elliott take cocaine. "The views of Roberts and many other people were represented throughout the process". If Henderson has not ruled on the appeal by 4 p.m. of the same day, the Circus have announced they plan to move forward as if Elliott is eligible to play in the Week One matchup against the New York Giants on Sunday Night Football. The first hearing is set for Tuesday in Sherman, Texas, about 65 miles north of Dallas.

Much of that questioning drilled down on granular details from July 16 to 22 of previous year, when Elliott and his accuser, Tiffany Thompson, spent most of the week together in Columbus, Ohio, when the assault claims the league zeroed in on are alleged to have taken place.

The obvious difference between this ordeal and Deflategate is that this isn't about deflated balls, these are allegations of domestic violence against Elliott, which are obviously much more serious. The hearing ended Thursday, about 12 hours before the lawsuit was filed.

The lawsuit says the union and Elliott's representatives plan to file for a temporary restraining order in hopes of making Elliott eligible for the season opener September 10 against the New York Giants.

The Dallas Cowboys made a couple of cuts Friday.

Similar arguments were made in the request for a restraining order. "The Cowboys would probably rather Elliott miss two or three games early in the season rather than taking it to court, where a decision that upholds the suspension could put games later in the season in jeopardy".

"This legal filing (by NFLPA) is an uncontested Hail Mary", McCarthy said. The basic stance is that the league's process in this case "deprived the union and Elliott of fundamental fairness". An injunction was why Brady didn't have to serve his suspension until 2016 even though he was given the suspension in May 2015.

This investigation lasted over 13 months from back in the summer of 2016 when Thompson accused Elliott of domestic violence over social media, but charges were never filed.

Ezekiel Elliott isn't taking his six-game ban lying down.

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