Big Baller Brand releases LaMelo Ball's signature shoe

Facebook readies Bunim/Murray's “Ball in the Family”

Now, Ball may be a Los Angeles Laker, but his hip-hop knowledge is severely lacking. In the video which features Lonzo spitting some bars, LaMelo breaks it down to the viewers that he's ready to change history and change the way the game of basketball should be looked at. That's $100 less than his brother's shoe, the ZO2, which was widely panned on the Internet when it was released earlier in the summer.

Lonzo Ball might have said the most disrespectful thing someone from the Ball family has ever said.

Of course, being under the Big Baller Brand label, the MB1 carries a hefty price tag of $395, because it's only for the biggest of ballers.

LaVar Ball's Big Baller Brand is all about promoting him and his three sons.

This is something unprecedented, but that has become the norm with anything involving the Ball family.

Unlike Lonzo, who is now a part of the NBA, LaMelo could run into some eligibility issues down the road.

The Ball Family is at least hesitant enough not to give middle brother LiAngelo Ball his own shoe just yet. LaMelo Ball has committed to UCLA, where he would start playing in 2019.

Two of LaVar Ball's sons now have their own signature shoe.

Alan Foster, a spokesman for Big Baller Brand told ESPN's Darren Rovell: "We will leave that up to the NCAA".

So you want me to pay $400 for the sneakers of a kid who has never played past high school? It doesn't mean he'll stop working out and getting better ...

"As long as he's not representing his school in any way (wearing school uniforms, display of mascot, image of schools, etc.) in this venture he would not be in violation", Simmons said.

Little brothers always seem to be looking up to their older brothers.

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