WhatsApp rolls out colorful text status feature for Android and iOS


It also confirmed that WhatsApp for the Window Phone would not support this feature and on the Web, you could watch these text statuses for now but could not create them. The new feature allows its 250 million monthly users share creative text-based "Status" updates.

"Now you never have to worry about getting the word out to all your family and friends". The chat application has updated its iOS and Android versions, giving it the ability to post text-based updates (with links, if you want) against colorful backgrounds, just like Facebook's.

The new colored text status (I don't know what else to call it) screen has three icons for adding emojis, selecting the font, and changing the background color.

The new status update is now available on Whatsapp iOS and Android editions.

WhatsApp has announced the coloured text-based Status updates for its users.

Bonus tip: In order to control who can see your status update, go to privacy settings in the app. Users can likewise answer specifically to somebody on their status like some time recently.

The concept of status messages is very similar to the ones found in Facebook, Snapchat among many popular apps. Additionally, WhatsApp users can now comment after they view someone's Status update by tapping on the reply button. If you have been a WhatsApp user, you might have noticed the messaging app receiving a lot of attention from developers even after the Facebook snap up. After testing all, it rolled out this feature and made it available to all the users.

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