Teen pleads guilty to lesser charge in Slender Man attack

Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier were charged in the attempted murder of their classmate

One of the two girls accused of stabbing her friend because of the fictional character Slender Man appeared in Waukesha County Court Monday morning.

Weier and Morgan Geyser had lured Leutner into the woods after a sleepover and then stabbed her 19 times to appease "Slender Man", a fictitious horror figure who preys on children, authorities said.

Payton Leutner's family did release a statement saying in part, "These three years have been very hard both physically and emotionally for Payton and our family".

Both girls faced up to 45 years in prison, if convicted.

"And I just wanted it to be over with so I said, 'Go do what you have to do, ' and Peyton was then hurt", Weier said. They used code words like "camping trip" to refer to the Nicolet National Forest in Wisconsin's Northwoods, where the girls believed that Slender Man actually lived. It's a lesser charge than her initial attempted first-degree intentional homicide charge.

Weier and Geyser, also 15, allegedly told police they committed the stabbing in the name of the "Slenderman".

She said she feared the Slender Man would harm her and her family if she did not kill Leutner.

Weier is still set to face a trial next month addressing her mental health, and her plea means the trial will focus only on whether she is legally responsible for the crime due to mental illness.

As of now, Weier faces 25 years in prison plus another 10 years of "extended supervision, "reports said".

Because of the guilty plea, when she goes to trial on September 11, the jury will only have to determine if she is not guilty because of mental disease or defect. She had to explain to the judge that she understood what she had done, and the consequences of pleading guilty to the new charge.

"Morgan (Geyser) jumped on top of her and stabbed her repeatedly". Anissa initially entered the same plea, before her court appearance today. His client intends to go to trial, he said.

Anissa Weier accepted a plea deal Monday in connection to the 2014 stabbing of a classmate.

Slender Man started with an online post in 2009, as a mysterious specter photo-shopped into everyday images of children at play.

The news comes after filmmakers released an HBO documentary titled Beware the Slenderman, which is based on the attack.

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