Final Fantasy 15 teased for Switch, will be release on mobile platforms

Final fantasy XV pocket edition

Titled Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, this new retelling of Final Fantasy XV is a streamlined version of the console game with chibi-style visuals separated into ten chapters.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is a newly announced game by Square Enix that hopes to recreate last year's JRPG experience on mobile.

Final Fantasy XV is an absolutely huge game, and when we reviewed it past year we thought that the four main characters were "the beating heart of the experience".

Elsewhere in the Universe, SQUARE ENIX also announced that MONSTER OF THE DEEP: FINAL FANTASY XV will launch on November 21 for PlayStation VR. The game itself is a stripped down version of Final Fantasy XV but still features the same storyline.

Hajime Tabata was asked about bringing Final Fantasy XV to additional platforms, and to which he replied that the development team is very interested in a console that sounds similar to Twitch as part of bringing FFXV to all audiences. The first of these will be available for free, with the others costing a fee.

In the midst of the discussion, Tabata slipped in a hint of information that has lead some Nintendo Switch owners to believe the game is on its way to the hybrid system. This pretty much confirms it, but the question is what version will it get? The Pocket Edition! You know, for mobile? This version of the game will also include all Season Pass and free update content already released for the console version, with the addition of a new optional first-person mode for a more immersive player experience.

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