Taylor Swift Overshadows the Eclipse, Slithers Back to Social Media

Taylor Swift

The hashtag #TS6isComing, in reference to her highly anticipated sixth studio album, has been trending on Twitter, with fans responding to T.Swift's actions and predicting when new music will arrive.

TAYLOR Swift has just posted a silent video online - and it's thought to be a dig at her old pop rival.

The video shows what appears to be a reptilian tail.

The singer posted a cryptic new video on Instagram in the wake of a social media blackout that has fans everywhere speculating she's about to drop new music.

Instagram took action in June to remove blocks of offending emojis as it introduced new filters to block "certain offensive comments" and spam.

The fan also thinks there might be some clues hidden in Taylor's own Tumblr theme, as all of her chosen colors have celestial names (like Neptune, Black Hole, and Moon Dust).

It's been almost three years since 1989 was released so we definitely reckon it's time for some new Tay-Tay tunes anytime now.

The internet is abuzz with theories. Could this be where she debuts the lead single from her forthcoming album?

Per Genius, the post indeed signaled that Swfit will soon release a new song called "Timeless".

Still up and running is Swift's Spotify page, which just recently got her full collection back after she pulled it from the streaming service around the release of her 2014 album "1989".

Taylor Swift's mother, Andrea Swift and radio handler, Frank Bell, were found not liable as well.

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