Tigers' Ian Kinsler blasts umpire Angel Hernandez

Ronald Martinez  Getty Images

Before Tuesday's game, Kinsler chose to make his feelings known in a very immediate and very direct way. "He's changing the game. He should refocus his career, really".

A day after Ian Kinsler told reporters that umpire Angel Hernandez should find another job, the two appeared to find some common ground in front of 22,700 people in Arlington.

"If I have to pay a fine for having said the truth, that he was, continued Kinsler, who has held that its about to be released".

"I didn't even cuss at him", Kinsler told the Detroit Free Press. At this point, Angel Hernandez would probably rank at or near the bottom of everyone's "worst umpire" lists, so stories like this aren't much of a surprise, but when you begin throwing out players and managers, you really should be a bit more careful.

"I'm not mad at him", Kinsler said. The 55-year-old umpire filed a lawsuit against the league last month alleging racial discrimination. "What I care about is going out there and doing my job, to the best I can do". Invariably until Kinsler on Monday.

"He just needs to go away", the four-time All-Star said.

Kinsler, who wasn't happy with Hernandez's strike zone that evening, looked back at Hernandez after a pitch that was way out of the strike zone was called a ball.

"This is my 26th year in the big leagues, and anybody that knows me knows I'm a professional", Hernandez said.

The next pitch was obviously outside the strike zone again and the umpire called it a ball. It's impossible to say that the Tigers would have won Monday's game if Kinsler had taken three more at-bats instead of Dixon Machado, but the Tigers would certainly rather have him at the plate. A few days after filing the suit, Hernandez was named an umpire for the All-Star Game in Miami.

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