This Is Amazon's Latest Effort to Get Alexa Into More Devices

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In working with universities to supply students with devices, tools and classes, Amazon is creating a wider talent pool of engineers to draw on later, and in the meantime, a larger community of third-party developers building Alexa skills.

Amazon is still a bit unclear as to how much they will pay the developers to create more skills for Alexa. Senic designs and builds lovely smart home interfaces and systems that are shipped all over the world.

The natural course of open-source development will determine what devices and connected experiences Alexa finds her way into. "We're really excited to start shipping COVI to our global community of users". Amazon says developers can increase engagement and potentially earn more by improving their skills, making more skills, and making their skills available in more countries.

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"We are excited to work with ASU on this program, which will power their voice-enabled residence hall with Alexa and equip students with the in-demand skills they'll need when they graduate", said Steve Rabuchin, Vice President of Amazon Alexa. With the launch of the Alexa Voice Service Device SDK toolset, companies can add a fully functional version of Alexa to their devices that's able to handle speech recognition, as well as other Alexa functionality, like streaming media, using timers and alarms, notifications, weather reports, and accessing the thousands of voice apps, known as Alexa skills.

Amazon has given its personal assistant Alexa a handy little upgrade - she now dispenses tips on how to quit wasting food, something you're probably already guilty of doing today.

Whether a voice commander in the living room is really what the average viewer will want to continue with once the novelty has worn off is still a question, although it has to be said many observers think the voice-controlled digital assistant is an inevitable next step - it's all just a matter of time. Users can ask, for example, "Alexa, ask A.S.U. what sports events are happening this weekend?"

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