The terrorist group Boko Haram blew themselves up in the market

Image result for 27 killed 83 wounded as Boko Haram attacks Konguda market

A woman bomber blew herself up and killed 27 others at a market in Konduga village in Borno state, EFE news reported. They all detonated their explosives nearly simultaneously, he said.

Musa Bura, a youth volunteer in nearby Konduga, said most members of the local defense force were on guard at the market and not at the nearby camp.

Residents of Konduga had earlier told journalists that 39 people were killed, while 103 others were injured and are now receiving medical attention at the University of Maidu-guri Teaching Hospital.

Nigeria's military previous year wrested back large swaths of territory from the Islamist insurgents.

Last month, an oil prospecting team was captured by al-Barnawi's group.

Recall that shortly after the kidnap in 2014, various reports had come out insinuating that the military got wind of the impending attack but failed to act on it till it was late. -Gen. Ibrahim Attahiru, made the announcement on Tuesday at the inauguration of the force at Maimalari Cantonment, Maiduguri.

The shop owners let the girls stay the night and took them right back to Boko Haram's base, where the girls were whipped and threatened with decapitation. Most of its residents are Muslims but there is a considerable number of Christians.

Maj Gen Nuhu Amgbazo, head of the Army's Civil-Military Relations Department said it was important for soldiers to have the workshop at this stage of ongoing military operations in the north east against Boko Haram.

They have also kidnapped thousands during the years of insurgency to fund their efforts aimed at introducing a strict Sharia law in the region.

Suicide bombers in northeastern Nigeria have claimed the lives of at least 30 people and injuring about 80.

"It is very unfortunate and unprofessional for example for service personnel to resort to social media to disclose classified information or express grievances when the Nigerian Army has well established channels for addressing complaints".

Frequent Sunday attacks by Boko Haram on churches have led to reprisal killings by Christian youth.

The attacks were carried out by three suicide bombers, two female and a male.

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