Taylor Swift to Make Donation to Foundation for Sexual Assault Survivors

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In a scathing 2015 take down in The Hollywood Reporter, feminist cultural critic Camille Paglia criticized Swift's "twinkly persona" and advised her to "retire that obnoxious Nazi Barbie routine of wheeling out friends and celebrities as performance props".

"I recognize the privilege I enjoy in life, society, and my ability to absorb the enormous costs of defending myself in such a trial".

She won the token $1 award that she filed for, but running up to the trial Swift said that she merely wanted to set an example to other survivors of sexual assault.

Joyful Heart Foundation was co-founded by an american actress known to fans of the series, Mariska Hargitay.

Kesha, who has also experienced the scowl of the public in a trial against Dr. Luke, said that she admires the singer's strength and fearlessness and that she has her support all the way through.

The foundation's CEO told HuffPost that T.Swift made "extremely generous financial investment in the movement to end sexual violence".

Taylor Swift to Make Donation to Foundation for Sexual Assault Survivors

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Although there is no real way to know whether Swift was Team Clinton or Team Trump, she was spotted with a number of other women who supported Clinton at the end of previous year.

Their programs focus on healing, advocacy and education, from working to diminish the backlog of untested rape kits to providing safe spaces for women to find holistic therapy after trauma.

As a headline-making case, this was, for many survivors of sexual assault, a high-wattage mirror of their own experiences, and an illustration of what might happen at their own court dates. She showed in vivid detail how survivors of sexual violence are treated like it was their fault.

The six woman, a two-man jury ruled Monday that Swift's mother and radio consultant Frank Bell weren't liable for damages either.

"I told my 13-year-old daughter about this case". However, Swift's side did not back down saying that she will not let their client make her feel like what happened was in any way her fault. "I really don't know", he concludes. Waiting in line at a music festival this summer, she said, a man passed by and "intentionally moved his hand to touch my butt". I was a freshman in college at the time. She only asked for a dollar, which emphasizes this.

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