IOS 11 'Cop Button' Will Temporarily Disable Touch ID

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Apple apparently understands that the risk of being asked to unlock your phone is at an all-time high, because in the upcoming iOS 11 release, users are going to be able to easily loophole a confrontation.

iOS 11 should be released to the public sometime next month, alongside the new iPhone launch. In current versions of iOS, Touch ID can be disabled in the settings or via a restart, both of which are relatively cumbersome compared to clicking a button five times. With the latest iOS build, Apple's tablets can save you plenty of time. Users also have the option to simply completely turn it off and just use traditional numeric or alphanumeric passwords. Naturally, the new software will have some new features to offer. Headline features include a redesigned user interface, an always-on display like the ones found on Android devices, a new "quick switcher" that allows users to change apps fast by swiping in from the left, and a limited guest mode to stop others from using all installed apps.

Accessing the contents of an iPhone has been a huge issue in law enforcement and criminal investigations. Although Apple didn't give the permission on the grounds of privacy, the Federal Bureau of Investigation later claimed it had successfully breached the iPhone lock screen and entered the device.

You may have often witnessed that a number of travel apps come with an SOS button which enables instant calls to the police in case of an emergency.

Apple released several videos today showing the Apple iPad, iPad Pro, and iOS 11. If the device owner is having a seizure, they can activate the SOS screen themselves to call their emergency contact with the knowledge that their device will be secure if they do lose consciousness or control of their body. Drag and drop file transfers is one of the biggest features that's said to be included with iOS 11. What it also does, regardless of whether you tap the SOS button, is lock down your device and disable Touch ID until you verify your identity with your passcode.

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