Google Home now lets you make free calls

How to make hands-free calls with Google Home   Google just rolled out hands-free calling for its Google Home speaker. Here's how it works

And if users find the device more essential, Google will be able to collect more user data - and serve more ads if it eventually chooses to. It simply uses your personal contacts or nearby businesses based on your location to place calls. The way the system is setup right now, if you're a Google Voice or Project Fi user, they'll see your name and number. According to TechCrunch saying something like "call the nearest sandwich shop" should also work.

Does Google record your calls? So should you ask Google Home to call someone, it won't continue recording as you talk - it'll stop the minute you finish the "Hey Google, call Bob" line.

"OK, Google, call Jason Cipriani". While ringing or in call, the light ring on Google Home will be a spinning pale blue. Otherwise, it'll show as "unknown" or "no caller ID". Google notes that a future update will rectify this by letting you add your mobile number to outgoing calls made via Home. Otherwise, these calls will not work. Then, locate your Google Home and select 'Link Your Account.' From this section of the app, you're now able to teach Assistant to recognize various users. Plus, domestic users will have another advantage if they use the home speaker for calls.

Chris Monroe  CNET
Chris Monroe CNET

Due to voice recognition, the assistant can also recognise who's asking and respond correctly to requests such as "Hey Google, call Dad".

Amazon's Alexa already supports calling and messaging services. Remember, it is important to have the contact saved in your Google contact or on Google's cloud. Amazon basically made its Echo lineup far superior to Google Home in terms of communication functionality, but now, mere moths later, Google is leveling the playing field with a "hands-free calling" feature. While the ability to call someone using your home speaker is great, the capacity to automatically decline or block unknown numbers is not facilitated by Home.

Placing calls on Google Home and Amazon Echo are fundamentally different, but Google's approach seems more commendable. However, if another registered user tells Google the same thing, it will dial their mom, not yours.

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