'It's Insignificant.' Brigitte Macron Addresses Age Difference With Emmanuel Macron

Thierry Leclercq  Public Domain Mark 1.0        President Macron has taken a more private approach to journalists in comparison to other presidents

"When I read about us, I always have the impression I'm reading someone else's story", she said. "The person living with you should be able to have a role and be recognized for that role".

Her comments came after the President abandoned plans to create an official title for his wife after public disapproval.

But the French were apparently none too thrilled with the idea of formalizing Mrs. Macron's role in the country.

Mr Macron's plans to create an official status and job for his wife as First Lady have been shelved in the face of a hostile online petition, but Mrs Macron said she planned to adopt the role informally anyway.

Macron and his wife Brigitte are staying in the private residence of the prefect of Marseille, French media have reported, which overlooks the Mediterranean and is shielded from the public eye by a high wall dotted with security cameras.

In a new interview with French Elle, the French first lady reveals that she was putting her own happiness ahead of the rest of society's opinions when she chose to pursue a relationship with Emmanuel, whom she met while teaching drama at his high school, according to Elle's translation. "What's important is that it is clear". "We'll post my meetings and my commitments on the presidency website so that the French people know exactly what I'm doing". She also clarified that she will not be taking a government allowance.

Brigitte and Emmanuel met in their shared hometown of Amiens, where Brigitte was his drama teacher.

Do dodging, according to the magazine, no question, the First Lady who also abhor that phrase ( " This is the translation of an expression American, a paraphrase in which nothing pleases me"), also referred to the relationship if Fused with the Head of State.

"With Emmanuel, I've truly gotten used to the extraordinary things that happen to me that I always wonder what will be the next adventure", she added. "I am Brigitte Macron!".

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