Amber Heard mocks Australia's deputy PM who threatened to kill her dogs

From left Scott Ludlam Larissa Waters and Matthew Canavan have been affected by Section 44

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has rejected criticism her comments that the Labour party is "undermining" the Australian government, after questions revealed their deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is a New Zealand citizen.

In a blog for HuffPost Australia Sydney barrister Robert Angyal shared his own reading of the law, which he claims actually rules out every single citizen of Australia from serving in parliament.

Australia gave Heard and Depp a time frame in which to have the two Yorkshire terriers removed from the country.

"Despite longstanding agreements which are supposed to give us special rights, New Zealanders seeking a better life in Australia have not been made to feel welcome".

But now it is out in the open, it is highly likely the citizenship clause will trap even more Australian politicians on all sides of parliament, Economou said.

On 17 April, 2013, I stood in Scotty & Mal's on Cuba Street singing Pokarekare Ana as New Zealand celebrated the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

"My focus is on our election here in New Zealand".

Ms Bishop had accused the Australian Labor Party of trying to use the New Zealand Parliament to undermine the Australian Government, saying it put the relationship between the two governments at risk. It is a privileged position, and I can not speak for the millions of Australians and Australian residents who are unable to marry the person they love.

Barnaby Joyce insists the plebiscite is simply the wish of his constituents.

He told parliament on Monday morning he had discovered he was a New Zealand citizen, potentially throwing his position in parliament into jeopardy.

"That seems a very unusual result".

"The world was very different when Section 44 was drafted in the 1890s". That's why the High Court's will be so important for these people heading there.

The government is demanding the ALP produce documents for at least four Labor MPs to prove they're not dual citizens, in breach of the Constitution. "It's black and white", he added.

But with a dual citizenship scandal now rocking Australian politics, Joyce's own embarrassment is unlikely to go away any time soon.

REPORTER: Is this the first that the New Zealand government has learned of your displeasure, this media conference?

"On that basis Kim Jong-un could make us all citizens of North Korea and we'd all have to resign", Pyne joked on Today.

Joyce narrowly won the seat in the 2016 Australian election.

NZ Labour leader Jacinda Ardern, who's been in the top job for just a fortnight, said no names or rationale were raised. I was born in Australia in 1967 to an Australian mother and I think I'm fifth generation.

"Malcolm Turnbull calls it a conspiracy, there are laughable claims about a foreign power interfering in Australian politics as though this is on par with Vladimir Putin's hackers helping Donald Trump", Mr Oakes said. That has all changed.

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