World's Best Dota 2 Players Beaten By Artificial Intelligence Bot

World's Best Dota 2 Players Beaten By Artificial Intelligence Bot

Last year, Google-run artificial intelligence (AI) programme AlphaGo defeated legendary player Lee Se-dol in Go - a complex Chinese board game that is considered the "quintessential unsolved problem" for machine intelligence. The bot did win against the best Dota 2 players, but it was under strict conditions.

OpenAI is one of the many startups owned by Elon Musk, a name with which virtually everyone on the planet is familiar by now. The game is continuous, has hidden information and good strategy and positioning win over raw mechanics.

This is the first Dota 2 global tournament that Ishutin hasn't qualified for, but this turned out to be the tougher contests at the Key Arena, and, as the video below shows - starting at 7:30 - the bot quickly overpowers the star midlaner, starving him out of creeps and then beating him to level three.

Computers have already beaten the world's best humans at classic games like chess and go.

The AI took on three of the best Dota 2 players on the planet and beat them all, having learned the game from scratch through playing itself over and over again and working out the best way forward in any given situation. It had a little coaching here and there throughout its development, but for the most part it's a self-taught DotA 2 master.

Musk himself has lauded it as the first AI to defeat players in competitive esports. Now, technological advancement in the fields of AI studies has progressed quite a lot. This demonstration was limited in its approach.

The competition happened during Valve's yearly tournament and it only used some variables of gameplay. If only we could bring this technology to serve us humans in some way, things would be only more intriguing. Even more exciting, said OpenAI, was that the AI had taught itself everything it knew.

OpenAI's bot beat Dendi in the first match in about ten minutes; Dendi resigned from the second match, and declined to play a third, according to reports. It is not entirely surprising to note such a decision, since no one wants to be made a fool of by an opponent no one can see.

Based on the descriptions from OpenAI team, the bot doesn't benefit from any special system-level knowledge of the other player's moves. Elon believes that if there was anything that people should be anxious about then it should be Artificial Intelligence (AI) than what is happening in North Korea. Which obviously makes it a big deal with thousands of gamers training day and night to ace the game.

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