Two ISIS-Khorasan leaders killed by security forces in Afghanistan

A U.S. soldier surveys a training ground near Kandahar Afghanistan on March 14

A USA service member was killed in eastern Afghanistan during an operation with Afghan forces against Islamic State, the US military said on Wednesday.

The Utah National Guard says the soldier who died Wednesday was one of its members and approximately seven other National Guardsmen were among the wounded.

The wounded service members have been medically evacuated for treatment.

A U.S. soldier has been killed in Afghanistan in an operation targeting Islamic State group insurgents, commanders said Thursday, in the latest blow to American forces in the war-torn nation.

The slain servicemember was not identified, pending next of kin notifications, which the statement said was underway. ISIS-K has conducted several deadly attacks throughout the country this year. American military spokesmen did not disclose how many were hurt or provide details about their mission.

So far this year, 10 US service members have been killed in action in Afghanistan.

Earlier, the United States military had confirmed the killing of a senior member and the destruction of a media hub of the ISIS-K.

The U.S. has made it a priority to defeat ISIS-K in Afghanistan this year.

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