Turkish police detain Belgian Daesh suspect

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A police officer was killed in Istanbul late Sunday after being stabbed by an ISIS suspect, according to police sources.

The wounded police officer was immediately transferred to a nearby hospital.

Sinan Acar was attacked with a knife by the suspect, who has not been named, after the man was brought by auto for questioning to the headquarters of Istanbul police late Sunday.

The officer was taken to hospital, where he died of injuries sustained in the knife attack.

Legal procedures at police headquarters in Istanbul are ongoing, Anadolu reported, adding he would be extradited to Belgium.

Several media reports questioned the manner in which the man was able to be in possession of a knife despite his arrest.

Following the attack, police detained another 12 suspected Islamic State militants, of Iranian, Iraqi and Syrian origin, Andalou said.

The sources said Istanbul anti-terrorist police arrested the man during an operation against Daesh in the city's Fatih district as he was making preparations for a bomb attack.

An attack by a jihadist gunman on an elite nightclub in Istanbul just 75 minutes into New Year's Day in 2017 left 39 people dead, mainly foreigners.

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