Three People Killed at Wisconsin Race Track Sunday Night

Deadly shooting at Great Lakes Dragaway

Three men, who were believed to be gang members, have now been identified in Sunday's triple homicide at a Wisconsin raceway and authorities say one of the men was from Oswego.

A man shot the three at point-blank range near a food vendor, Beth said at a news conference Sunday night. Authorities said they are looking for a man who left the dragstrip in a black vehicle shortly after the incident.

The Kenosha County Sheriff's Department tells CBS 58 there was a shooting at Great Lakes Dragaway located in Union Grove on Highway KR around 6:59 PM. Another 911 caller reported someone had been killed.

The gunman initially shot two of the men, and shot the third as he tried to get away around a tent.

Organizers of Larry's Fun Fest were expecting around 5,000 people from southeastern Wisconsin and northern IL to attend the event, which features "smaller souped-up, kind of "Fast and Furious" type vehicles", Malecki said.

Highway KR is now closed from I-94 to the dragaway.

"It appears that he walked up to the three that are now dead and basically just shot them point blank", Beth said of the shooter.

"Sheriff Beth said the suspect being sought in this instance is described as a male, black, 20 to 30 years old, about 5'9" tall with an athletic build.

A lack of cooperation by the victims' relatives has made his detectives' work harder, the sheriff said. "But as far as any collaborating evidence at this moment, I'm not aware of anything that we have that will confirm that".

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth, speaking on WTMJ-AM Monday, says that's making it more hard to find the person responsible for the slayings.

The type of weapon was unknown.

"When I came here there were a lot of families, there were people of all ages and it looked - at least the intent was - to give people that weren't normally from here a chance to come here and have some fun", Beth said. "I don't know", the sheriff said. Authorities said it was an execution.

Great Lakes Dragaway is a quarter-mile drag strip that opened in 1955 in the Kenosha County Town of Paris.

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