Odell Beckham Jr. 'speechless' after seeing himself 'auctioned' off on ESPN

Odell Beckham was'speechless after seeing ESPN's tone deaf fantasy football'auction segment

The 28-hour auction, which aired on Monday, saw players of all colors "sold off", but many viewers noticed the preponderance of black players and took offense, saying it resembled an actual slave auction too closely.

When asked for his thoughts by retired National Football League player Dominique Hamilton, New York Giants player Odell Beckham Jr. replied, "Speechless".

Shockingly, an ESPN segment briefly showed a clip of an auction, with Odell Beckham Jr. being "sold" to a group of white people by an auctioneer. "Dear @ESPN, Apologize now for doing a sketch where you auctioned a Black man off to the highest bidder", another critic wrote.

The segment depicted an auctioneer collecting bids on players, including Beckham.

ESPN, which prides itself on an excellent record of inclusion and sensitivity, didn't immediately discern the jarring imagery a number of people would see immediately but explained itself and apologized after the piece had run.

Other NFL players, such as Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan and Rams defensive end Dominique Easley, also expressed dismay and confusion with ESPN's staged auction.

"Fam-The optics aren't good-agreed". Akin to slave auctions -and that creepy scene in Get Out- the segment was triggering, despite having white players up for sale as well.

"So @espn who's idea was it to auction off football players??".

The scene, taken out context, is nearly eerily reminiscent of the movie "Get Out", in which, spoiler alert, black people are auctioned off to have their brains replaced so that older white people can live in their bodies.

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