KCNA: Kim Jong Un briefed on Guam missile tests

N. Korea ponders striking US base in Guam after Trump threatens Pyongyang with ‘fire & fury

Mattis insisted that if a single missile touches United States soil "it's game on".

However, Mattis said that President Donald Trump would be the one to decide America's response if the missile is found to have been launched into Guam's surroundings waters.

North Korea has said the flight path for such a launch would go over western Japan.

In 2013 when tensions ran high as North Korea threatened missile strikes on U.S. Pacific bases, including Guam and Hawaii, it also released photographs of Kim inside his military command center signing the order to put rockets on standby to attack the U.S. mainland. Next week's start of U.S.

Mattis noted that his comments should not be taken as a declaration of war, though.

It's only a matter of time until Trump devises a way to get Russian Federation or China to threaten countries in which he has hotels. But White House readouts of calls with foreign leaders in the Trump era are notoriously sparse in detail. "I wanted to call and say hello, how are you?"

On August 10, Mattis told reporters that a potential nuclear incident "would be catastrophic" and warned that the "tragedy of war is well-known". But Mattis said Thursday that the American effort was "diplomatically led".

China, North Korea's most important ally, said Monday that it will stop importing North Korean goods including iron ore, coal and fish from midnight on September 5.as part of United Nations sanctions imposed on Pyongyang over its nuclear and missile program. Yes, that means for a lot of young troops they're going to be in a wartime situation, welcome to reality.

The comments, while typically belligerent, are significant because they also appeared to signal a path to defuse a deepening crisis with Washington over a weapons program that is seen as nearing the ability to accurately send a nuclear missile to the USA mainland.

According to the Global Times, "North Korea issued plans to fire four intermediate-range missiles to land 30-40 kilometers from Guam".

"There is no change in the threat level", Guam Homeland Security adviser George Charfauros said.

Guam governor Eddie Calvo said the territory has many buildings made to withstand powerful typhoons, yet he acknowledged that nothing can protect against a nuclear attack.

The passing of the deadline without a missile launch could ease tensions that have been ratcheted up as President Trump and North Korea have traded threats.

"The U.S. has done all sorts of wrongs to the DPRK... but now it finds itself in an ever worsening dilemma, being thrown into the grip of extreme security unrest by the DPRK".

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