GoDaddy expels neo-Nazi site over article on Charlottesville victim

Protesters march in Charlottesville Virginia

Heather Heyer, 32, a paralegal, died and almost two dozen were injured at Saturday's rally in Charlottesville, Virginia when a young man drove a muscle auto into a crowd. Who would have thought. By Monday, the Daily Stormer had moved to Google's domain-registration service, which forced Google to make a decision about whether or not to ban it.

GoDaddy spokesman, Dan Race, told The Washington Post in an email that The Daily Stormer's post about Heyer was in direct violation of their terms of service.

Neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer has been dropped by its web server for hate speech.

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The article was headlined: "Heather Heyer: woman killed in road rage incident was a fat, childless 32-year-old slut".

GoDaddy has informed The Daily Stormer, the top white supremacy site in the U.S., to find a new web host following a denigrating post against the woman who died over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The company through a tweet said that it had informed Daily Stormer that they must move their domain in 24 hours to another domain provider, due to violating the terms of service that GoDaddy domains must follow. A group called the New World Hackers, who are a part of one of the collectives that make up Anonymous, have claimed responsibility for a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against the Charlottesville city website.

The Daily Stormer is an alt-right, neo-Nazi affiliated website.

Andrew Anglin, the founder of the Daily Stormer, claimed the site was hacked by the hacking group Anonymous.

Heyer was killed in a hit-and-run by a auto allegedly driven by James Alex Fields Jr and following the news of her death, the website personally attacked her in a piece containing multiple slurs. When they remove Anglin's account, the domain will then have to seek another internet provider willing to host it.

However shortly after notice was given to the Daily Stormer, a hack occurred on the website, allegedly linked to Anonymous.

Also on Wednesday, Facebook Inc. confirmed that it had been deleting links to The Daily Stormer's site from its social network platform.

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