Snapchat Introduces Pikachu Lens for POKÉMON Lovers' Selfies

Pikachu Snapchat Filter The electric Pokémon is now a filter and we can’t say we’re shocked

Smaller parades also took place during the week, as shops and landmarks were filled with Pikachu models and merchandise.

Youth-centric social media network Snapchat recently launched new filters involving some fairly cute critters. Then swipe through the various lenses until you see the popular yellow mouse. Obviously Pokemon fans will eat this up and Snapchat knows it.

Snapchat users looking to snap 'em all have one more lens they're going to want to use.

The lens, which is only available for a limited time, will dress you up with Pikachu's distinct yellow/black ears, huge bug eyes, black button nose, and comically large rosy cheeks. Maybe this means the rollout of additional Pocket Monsters sometime down the road, because that would be an excellent move. It made for some pretty amusing hot dog jokes, but still pretty weird. Both Snapchat and Pokemon Go are among them, and a combination of the two is like some kind of ultra-powerful app plutonium, capable of ruining productivity and concentration in a way never before experienced by man. Does anyone actually think those are cool, or what? We pestered The Pokemon Company to find out how long the lens will be around and if we can expect more Pokémon selfie options in the future, but it's staying quiet on the subject for now.

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