California Is Suing the DOJ Over Immigration

California Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra

California is launching a new lawsuit against the Trump administration, in an ongoing dispute over sanctuary cities and immigration enforcement.

"We're intent on stopping anyone who will try to deny us the dollars that we have earned, the dollars that we have paid for, to provide the resources to the men and women who wear the badge", said Attorney General of California Xavier Becerra.

San Francisco had already filed a lawsuit that blocked a provision of President Trump's executive order that would have cut federal funds from sanctuary jurisdictions.

The federal building on Golden Gate Avenue where the US District Court convenes. Jerry Brown has said he has concerns about the measure, which some law enforcement officials strongly oppose.

Sanctuary cities, a generic term for cities not taking up federal immigration enforcement responsibilities, have been threatened with funding freezes by the DOJ. The administration is appealing that decision.

The Byrne grant, cited in the lawsuit, guarantees money to cities that want to buy new police vehicles or fund public safety efforts, which include jail diversion initiatives, social work services and adult alternative courts.

Previous year the program provided $263.9 million nationwide; under the new guidelines, California could potentially lose $28.3 million and San Francisco could see a loss of up to $1.4 million already slated for multiple city departments including SFPD, the Sheriff's department, the District Attorney's office and the Public Defender. About a third of that comes from the federal government, and the rest from the state. "To the contrary, the new conditions are simply the latest attempt by the Trump administration to coerce state and local jurisdictions into carrying out the federal government's immigration enforcement priorities".

A second condition is to inform homeland security officials 48 hours in advanced when an illegal immigrant is released in order for homeland security officials to take custody of the illegal immigrant.

The lawsuit, along with one from the city of San Francisco, follow the lead of Chicago in arguing that the administration's move is unconstitutional.

A New Mexico county mulled new rules encouraging cooperation with federal authorities.

Trump made a campaign issue out of the 2015 killing of Kathryn Steinle, allegedly by a Mexican citizen who had been deported several times before being shipped from a federal prison to San Francisco to face possible prosecution for a marijuana charge.

"This president is bent on trying to vilify immigrants and punish cities that prioritize real, effective public safety over splitting up hard-working families", Herrera said at a press conference this morning. "They can do it in San Francisco and every other city in the country", he said.

"The president is once again attempting to end run the Constitution", Herrera said.

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