Ben McAdoo is irked over Odell Beckham's one-hand catches

Odell Beckham is giving the fans what they want

Beckham made the most famous catch of his career - and one of the best receptions anyone has ever seen - with just his right hand.

That said, any time Odell Beckham Jr. makes a catch with one hand, it is darn impressive.

Veteran receiver Brandon Marshall, who signed with the Giants in the offseason, called Beckham the best player in the NFL.

Then, he pulled out some wizardry at training camp on Monday.

"I don't remember hearing [use two hands on Sunday]", Beckham said.

Entering his fourth season, Beckham said he is very comfortable in coach Ben McAdoo's offense. "I know that as well". You don't want to miss the real show. "I used that pain and I turned it into positive energy". "Things are flowing; just continually pushing them in the right direction".

That catch came a day after he made another unbelievable grab in a team scrimmage.

"It felt like it was like a dream". "I like completions better than incompletions".

Every time he takes the field is an opportunity for something electric to happen, be it a game-changing touchdown or a mind-blowing catch that defies logic and flawless defensive play from the cornerback trying to cover him. "I really thought about it, I even thought about it growing up. I don't know where they'd put the fifth one, but they're going to have to make room because we need it". "If I got to fight, scrap for it, whatever I got to do to come up with it, it's just got to be mine".

"Get the job done", he said.

But if he happens to make a spectacular one-handed grabs, his fans won't argue.

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