Google to now understand eight more Indian languages

Google rolled out Wi Fi service at 100th railway station in December 2016

The Android-maker is adding support for 30 new languages, eight of which are from India.

Google has had a rather busy day so far with releasing new features and testing others before they're ready for prime time, including updates to Google Calendar, the company's Voice Search API, and the YouTube app.

"Users can now use voice input in their local language to search for what they are looking for without the need of typing on a tiny keyboard, making the user experience that much faster and easier. Or, even "Colbert emoji" to your friends when the occasion calls", writes Daan Van Esch, Google's technical program manager for speech who penned the announcement on Google's Search blog. With the help of the native speakers, Google's machine learning models were able to better understand the sounds and words of the new languages for the goal of improving accuracy. Many Indian languages have been added to the list too.

The switch to neural translation for Zulu and Xhosa means that translations will be closer to spoken language, said Google.

Google incorporated the 30 new language varieties by working with native speakers to collect speech samples. It has a thousand-year old Georgian, two of the biggest African languages and plethora of Indian languages. Currently, voice search in these additional 8 Indian languages is being rolled out for Android with an iOS roll out scheduled for later.

The move will enable millions of Indians to access Google's Search - as well as Gboard app, which is also adding support for these languages today - more easily. The process trained its machine learning models to understand the sounds and words of the new languages and improve their accuracy over time. The dialects have been incorporated into the company's Cloud Speech API, the service which apps like Translate and Gboard are based on.

"You can now say something like "winky face emoji" to express yourself".

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