Video of Woman Plummetting Off 7th Floor of Parking Garage

A screenshot of the video which shows the impact after a vehicle plunged off the side of a parking garage in July

Terrifying surveillance footage captures the exact moment a auto plunged down seven floors from a parking garage, hit another vehicle and flipped over.

The video begins with a large SUV exiting out of a parking garage in Austin, Texas.

The video shows the crash of the vehicle, which pops with the berry on the road, then falls on the side of the SUV and eventually ends up on the carriageway.

The woman said she hit the wrong pedal, causing her vehicle to break through the cable wiring on the seventh floor.

The Austin Police Department released the dramatic CCTV footage on Thursday, but say the accident took place on July 13.

Christi Bowmer was parking her auto on the seventh floor of an Austin garage, when the vehicle mistakenly accelerated, going through retention wires and into a building across the alley. The woman who was driving the auto that was a BMW got away with minor injuries.

Bowmer revealed that she thought she was going to die after her crash, which put her in the hospital for two weeks.

The incident happened last month, although the video has only just been released.

Fox 7 reports that three different surveillance cameras captured the incident. The parking garage claims it had a structural engineer and the City of Austin approve of its barriers.

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