Terrified Britney Spears Amps Up Security After Crazed Fan Encounter

Britney Spears

Britney Spears returned to her Las Vegas residency on Wednesday night after taking the summer off, but was greeted by a stage invader during her performance of (You Drive Me) Crazy.

She is then surrounded by other members of the security staff and is escorted off stage as the man is bundled, struggling, in the opposite direction.

Only seconds later, the singer's bodyguards and backup dancers tackled the man. Police identified him as 37-year-old Jesse Webb.

Singer Britney Spears was recently left shaken after a fan went rogue, storming onto the stage and started doing cartwheels to get her attention. What's going on?', while some reports suggest that she says 'He's got a gun?' although that is not clear.

Instead, he was corralled by hotel security and Metro Police officers, arrested for trespassing and hauled to the Clark County Detention Center.

Standing 15 or so yards from the spot where the man rushed the stage, Spears at first seems unaware of what is going on, yelling to the crowd "are you guys having fun?" "There is no further information regarding this arrest".

But, the stage rusher had some fight still in him, as he appeared to knee one of the guards on the way out.

While another simply wrote, "Poor Britney leave her alone".

Fan footage showed guards piling onto the man in front of thousands of concert goers. She returns in October, and the series closes in December.

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