No Man's Sky Receives Major Overhaul in Update 1.3 Atlas Rises

No Man's Sky Atlas Rises update 1.3

Finally, players can share and return to planets you've found in the wide-wide universe of No Man's Sky, thanks to the brand new "Atlas Rising" free update. All of this changes the main story of No Man's Sky drastically, into an all new context with a "branching narrative" promising 30 hours of new content. Version 1.3 takes a small step in fixing that problem.

The most intriguing addition, however, is joint exploration.

If you spot odd floating orbs on a planet (like the ones above) they're actually other players. They're mandatory to do if you want to rank up among the different guilds, but I imagine most people will pick and choose the best ones based on the rewards they provide, as the vast majority of these new missions just didn't feel like they were worth my time.

"In the last eight weeks a quarter of a million players from across the globe (174 countries, to be precise!) have come together - united by a shared love of mystery and science fiction - to form the Citizen Science Division". These orbs can barely interact with each other but they do share voice chat if nearby.

"While interaction with others is now very limited, this is an important first step into the world of synchronous co-op in No Man's Sky", writes Hello Games. "What we do is much more important than what we say, but since launch we have sometimes focused too much on that".

Multiplayer orbs: Each orbs is another player (up to 16). After playing NMS for a few hours, one discovers that getting around can become tedious in certain situations.

Let's start off with some good news. Players also can't see each other engage in battle with any of the fauna from a planet either. The monoliths have their own hieroglyphics, though, and you'll have to figure out the language to master portal-based travel.

If you are looking for a portal, that's what they look like.

The biggest breakthrough of the Ancient Portal system is that it allows you to share your planet discoveries with other players in the galaxy.

New features have been added, such as a terrain-editing tool and mission system.

Each space station will now have a "Mission Agent" who can assign a variety of tasks including scanning, trading, exploration and combat missions.

Discover and scavenge lost cargo from big crashed Freighters on planetary surfaces.

To control this the Galaxy Map has been overhauled, improving navigation and providing access to key information. A new HUD will also help combat in space.

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