Newborn girl found abandoned, covered ants in flower bed


Another witness, Albert Peterson told the reporter, "I heard like a baby, like a cat cry, like, meow...", and then told his wife to call 911.

"Bro...that's insane. Somebody left their baby out gotta call 911, bro", John Baldwin said in a video he shot.

The KPRC report also states deputies followed a trail of blood into a nearby apartment, identified the child's mother, and arrested her along with another individual. He told the station that "she was there on the ground in the flower bed with ants". In a Facebook post Thursday, the Harris County Sheriff's Office said the officers who responded to the 911 call were left "heavyhearted".

The baby was taken to the hospital for treatment and is said to be in good condition.

'She was covered from head to toe and all in her ears. Baldwin could be heard saying it was insane and that someone had left their newborn baby out there, while telling Peterson to call 911.

Harris County Deputy Thomas Gilliland said to the station: 'Had this neighbor not been here, we'd be looking at a homicide.

The unnamed mother is now in the custody of sheriffs and the local district attorney is now considering charges against her. "It's a miracle the child was found".

Child Protective Services say the baby would be taken into temporary custody while they look for a relative who is willing to care for the child long term.

A hearing was to be held on Friday as to who would get custody of the baby.

The Cypress Creek apartment complex resident heard the sound of a baby crying as he walked by a building. "There are other ways of going about it", resident Rontrell Lucas said.

Skillern reportedly took a DNA test to verify whether he's the baby's father. She was with a man, but they aren't sure of her connection to him at this time. Police said she has not said why she left the baby in the bushes, and she could face charges for abandoning a child.

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