New Hampshire hospital evacuated due to possible chemical leak

The scene outside Exeter Hospital in Exeter New Hampshire.         
                                     CBS Boston

A spokeswoman for Exeter Hospital told the Union Leader the rest of the hospital remains open and the hospital is coordinating with local emergency personnel to transfer patients.

Fire officials first responded to Exeter Hospital just after 9 a.m. after a few operating room staff members complained of dizziness and nausea. They received treatment in the emergency room before it was closed, along with the operating room, in the late morning, Vasapolli said.

Fire crews were dispatched to a carbon monoxide leak at Exeter Hospital, according to CBS.

The cause of the odor is being investigated.

"All the patients are doing very well", said Meehan of the staff members. Officials said no one experienced symptoms in any other area of the hospital. At this time, the cause is unknown.

Debra Vasapoli is a hospital spokesperson.

The hospital shut down an inpatient operating room and the emergency room directly above it out of an abundance of caution. Some of those were treated and went home and 12 of the affected staff member had to be taken to other hospitals, Wilking said.

That plan was delayed, she said, because a cleaning crew was brought in to work overnight, and hospital employees cleaned the emergency room before it reopened, Vasapolli said.

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