LG reportedly working on V30 Plus smartphone

LG V30 and V30 Plus reportedly arriving on the same day for $700 and $875

However, the report on the existence of the LG V30 Plus comes as a surprise, like the recent report that the LG V30 will have the largest aperture ever featured in a camera for a smartphone.

As for the availability of the devices, apparently, LG is going to release both the V30 and the V30 Plus in South Korea on September 15 - which is coincidentally the same day Samsung releases its Galaxy Note 8 smartphone.

LG did that with the G6 and is on the way of doing it with the V30 as well - only the North-American version of the G6 got wireless charging, whereas only the Asian variation of the G6 got Hi-Fi audio on board, which quite possibly irritated a ton of potential adopters. The premium camera in the V30 cuts edge distortion by a third compared to the LG V20 when capturing wide angle shots, making it ideal for group wefies, spacious interiors and expansive landscapes. The device is also rumoured to come with a 3,200mAh battery with support for wireless charging and is expected to be internally powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset. If rumours are to be believed, the LG V30 might be around 700 Dollars while the LG V30 Plus might be around 850 USD. LG has confirmed that LG V30 will Launch on August 31 at IFA 2017. The F1.6 of the LG V30 reportedly lets in 25 percent more light than the F1.8 of smartphones likes the iPhone 7. "Our decision to adopt glass in the V30 camera is specifically because this has traditionally been the realm of DSLRs". The gadget freaks around the world are anticipating for the unique LG V30 camera phone to soon hit the market and they can test the handset themselves.

Photographers, Instagram or Snapchat marketers, and other small business people including freelancers who use their smartphone camera for business may find the V30 phone LG is about to unveil a game changer.

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