Google Celebrates Hip-Hop's Birthday With Interactive Turntable Doodle

Google Doodle storyboard

Very true words. Hip-Hop has positively improved society as a whole, by fostering the sharing of different viewpoints, and bringing people of different cultures and skin colors together.

When you click on today's Google Doodle you'll notice two turn tables and a cross-fader.

The new doodle was designed by Cey Adams, the legendary graffiti artist and founding creative director of Def Jam records.

The team explains that the idea for interactive turntables was an instant hit, and narrowing down which aspect of hip-hop to spotlight in the Doodle was not much more hard. Fab 5 Freddy will give you a short lesson on the history of hip hop.

Google today marked the 44th anniversary of hip-hop with an in-depth interactive doodle.

As the video explains, hip-hop is typically traced back to a set from Jamaican-American DJ Kool Herc at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx on 11 August 1973.

You'll get to use tracks from artists such as George Clinton, Zapp, Junie, Malick, Grandmaster Flash, Prince Paul and Ohio Players. The partygoers went nuts and modern day hip-hop was born. "MTV Raps" to offer a crash course on the history of hip-hop music.

You can even play with the tempo and scratch the records.

Since this is not the first time Google has come up with an interactive doodle, this project is one of the most complex projects the company has ever done, according to Google's Ryan Germick in Google blog post.

Hip hop culture has spread from urban areas to suburban ares in the United States and across the world.

Meanwhile, the Google Doodle is live now on on Search.

They worked with veterans of the hip hop music industry also, including Lyor Cohen, who's now head of YouTube Music and Fab 5 Freddy. If you're a hip-hop lover of an older demographic, you might throw on an Adidas tracksuit, get some crispy new (fat) laces for your Shell Toes and get your footwork on to some classic breakbeat-filled mixtapes.

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